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Let`s imagine if Google search engine does not exist: will we be able to find any information we need? We can surely say that this will be hard to do. Because today search engine works as a connector between all websites and people in WWW. And as you know the traffic in Google is big. But according to statistics only 2 % of users go further that first page. It means that all people are concentrated on first page which has only 10 positions. Moreover, these ten positions have also different concentration of clicks and visiting. Usually, first three search results have the biggest interesting. That`s why the main target for all SEO specialist is to push site into at least TOP 10.

The task of SEO is to push any site into TOP 1 to get all benefits from search engine. Generally, SEO strategy has next steps:

1. Analysis of website theme and sphere

On this step an expert needs to collect all information about sphere in which site (business) works. It help an optimizer to understand better the specification of optimization process and provide successful strategy.

2. Analysis of keywords

This is one of the most important step because the final result depends on semantic core collected during keywords analysis. Keywords should be grouping according to search amount and types (commercial, informational)

3.  Technical site audit

Technical condition of site affect website ranking in general. Site must be developed according to all SEO rules to make it suitable for search engine. It is better to consulate with SEO experts before site developing.

4. Backlinks review

The main idea of modern search engines is ranking based on good site backlinks. Each link which conducting to your site rises value and accordingly your search engine considers your site more useful for users. This is one of the most important part of SEO.

5. Summarizing and strategy developing

SEO is a long process. That`s why smartly developed strategy will help to get the best results. On the last step SEO team create the needed strategy, calculate time for targets achievements and calculate budget.

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